Errata for Jingga the Orange Tabby Cat


Errata :

Row 83 was written :

K58, w&t, p30, w&t, [(k8, k2tog, k10, ssk, k9), w&t, p30] 5 times,
w&t, k across. 76 sts.

It should be :

K58, w&t, p30, w&t, [(k8, k2tog, k10, ssk, k9), w&t, p30, w&t] 5 times, k across. 76 sts.


Thank you, Judith, for pointing me the mistake.


A few people asked for a clearer instruction for row 74 and other similar short row instruction (“continue short row in this manner”). In general it means “continue to do short rows that get one stitch longer until you get to the correct stitch count”.

For row 74 :

After “(k23, m1, k8, m1, k24), w&t,” you will have 57sts on your needle, so continue with: p58, w&t, k59, w&t, p60, w&t, k61, w&t, p62, w&t, k63, w&t, p64, w&t, k65, w&t, p66, w&t, k67, w&t, p68, w&t, k69, w&t, p70, w&t, k71, w&t, p72, w&t, k73, w&t, p74, w&t, k75, w&t, p76, w&t, k77, w&t, p78, w&t, k79, w&t, p80, w&t, k81, w&t, p82, w&t, then k across.

“With no shaping” in the pattern means no increasing (no “m1”s).