If there is such thing as a knitting superhero, what would the superpowers be? First of all, I would make the superhero a female…sorry boys, just tired with male superheroes.

Now the superpowers…

Lightning fast knitting power? Of course, who wouldn’t want that! And then catch a villain with knitted rope? She would be careful not to use wool, though. She’d use plarn.

That’s good, but kind of boring, don’t you think? Superhero catching a villain, I mean.

With that superfast knitting power (say, 5 scarves and 4 hats per minute), she would cover Warm Up America project in a day. She would let all knitters knit something for themselves without feeling guilty of not doing any charity project.

Another superpower : she can make yarn from any material, so she would never run out of yarn. (I bet every knitter want this superpower! Me too!!!) I imagine she has her own line of yarn, which make any yarn company envious.

Wait, I think there’s also an important superpower : the ability to brainwash all people so they all know that knitting and crocheting are different!!! :))

Her uniform is : black ribbed balaclava, black tunic sweater, black leggings, and black boots. Of course she make her own superhero uniform.
Even though her ‘uniform’ is all black, it changes once in a while, depends on the season, occasion, and mood. In the winter, it’s wool. In the summer it’s cotton. Sometimes the tunic is in plain 2×2 rib pattern, sometimes there are cables here and there, sometimes it’s in seed stitch.

For special occassions (e.g the launching of Edible Yarn by Superknits), the tunic has lace edgings, and she would be wearing lace cape and Fair Isle legwarmers.

What do you think?


A knitter’s inkblot test

The last time I had an inkblot test was in college, and I was not a knitter then. I wonder what will happen if I take this test again…

Le Capitaine Crochet

…or to keep his mind off those crocodiles!

Hmm…he must have had a special trick to make doilies with that giant hook of his..:)

I don’t know how to bind off..

Not knowing how to bind off is a real problem among new knitters. That makes it a fun topic for knitting cartoons. I’ve seen the same theme used by Franklin Habit in his book “It Itches”. This is my version :Originally I have another idea for bind-off cartoon, but earlier today I saw this news…and gasped :

Oh. My. God.

This is exactly my idea for my next bind-off cartoon. Needles dangling from unfinished knitwear. Yet it’s now a fashion ‘trend’…my goodness!

My son tried to ‘knit’

When I was knitting some seed stitch squares, my 4.5 yo son came and said “I want to make that, too!”. He didn’t let me show him the right knitting moves, and did the ‘knitting’ his way : wrap the yarn around and around and around…

It was so fun to see how serious he was, doing…whatever he was doing…:D