Behind The Knits

Who is this ‘dydy’ behind the ‘knits’?

Dydy is short for my name: Dyah Dyanita (pronounced Dee-yuh Dee-anita). What kind of name is that, you ask? I’m an Indonesian, and ‘Dyah’ is the name of a princess of Sunda kingdom in Java island who lived in the 14th century. Dyanita is just another given name. Most Indonesians usually don’t have family name or last name.

Enough with the history lesson.

I’m a 30 something mother of 2 (one 4.5 y/o son and 1 y/o daughter), an Indonesian who have been living in the northeastern part of the US since 2003, following my husband who was pursuing his PhD.

I have a Bachelor degree in Architecture, and have always been interested in art, craft, and design since I was a child.

I taught myself knitting in late 2003, with a knitting kit I bought from Walmart and a bunch of tutorials I found on the Internet. I remember my first project was a double rib scarf with fringes in variegated acrylic yarn. At first knitting was just a hobby. Then in 2005 when I moved to New York City and encountered hundreds of knitting books at the NYPublic Library, it soon developed into a passion.

I don’t just love doing the knitting work, I love to read about the history, the news, and mostly technical books and articles. I’ve been sharing my knitting knowledge to my fellow Indonesian knitters since 2006, through book and hundreds of articles I wrote in my blog and website. I write about knitting more than doing the knitting itself –> yes, I’m not a very productive knitter. It’s part because it’s hard to find the time to knit with 2 little kids to take care of, and I’m also picky about the projects I would knit. I’m not very picky about the yarn and needles, though. I don’t care about brands. As long as they suit my needs, I’m okay with them.

Now enough about me. Enjoy my blog.


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