Finally (re)launched!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Where have I been? I was working on my website, err…make that ‘our (Indonesian knitting-crocheting community) website’.

The website (merajut means knitting in Indonesian) was first launched in July 2006, following the launching of the mailing list Mari Merajut (Let’s Knit) a few weeks earlier. They’re both one package. The website was first hosted on a free hosting account, but then I decided it needed more freedom so it was moved to a paid hosting account in 2008.

The website is in Indonesian (of course), dedicated for Indonesian knitters and crocheters, contains lots ofarticles, book reviews, some tutorials and patterns, members stories, informations about where to buy yarn supplies, monthly theme galleries, and knitting and crocheting news from around the world. It is mostly written and maintained by me, but a lot of the members also contributed to the site.

It has gone through tough times, with lots of spam, and hacked twice. Last month the automatic hosting renewal failed and I lost the site, I had to build it again from scratch. Luckily I have the files in my computer, and this time I tried to build it with WordPress (it used to be in Joomla CMS). The last 3 weeks I was busy building it again, sneaking time between caring for 2 small kids and house chores.

It used to look like the picture on the left. I used the template for almost 3 years. Now with moving it to WordPress, the appearance changed a lot. Well, I got bored with the previous one. Now it looks like this.

The site was relaunched today, even though it’s not 100% done.

Now I need some rest.


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