Chinese multipurpose small purse

*Still in the spirit of Chinese New Year*

When I was pregnant with my second child, my ob-gyn was Dr Yvonne Choi. She’s a very nice lady, I like her a lot. So when it was nearing my due date, I decided to make something for her, as an appreciation for all her kindness. I had some KnitPicks’ Palette yarns (fingering weight) in red, black, and ‘gold’ colors, “Chinese-themed colorway”. At first I was going to make her a hat, but then I realized that not everyone likes to wear a bright and colorful hat (or even a plain hat). After giving it some thought, I decided to knit a small purse. It could be used as a coin purse, a cellphone  pouch, or to store anything she likes.

I browsed the internet for Chinese-themed motifs, and chose “Fu” character (means ‘luck’), cloud motif for the background, and meander motif for edging. The cloud motif looks complicated, but it’s not. Just a small motif, repeated.

I worked on the purse for 2 days.

On my last check-up (which turned out to be one day before I gave birth to my daughter), I gave the knitted purse to her. She loved it!

I don’t exactly remember the whole pattern for this purse (how many stitches and rows etc), I can only tell you that it was done in the round in stranded knitting, using #2 needles. But I can give you the motif patterns, if you want to make some Chinese-themed thing..

This is the pattern for the “Fu” character.

(I’ll add the cloud and meander pattern later, I couldn’t find the files!).

Update : I found them!

The cloud pattern

The meander pattern


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