WIP : Queen Amigurumi

Amigurumi was not something that I liked to make. First of all, because most amigurumi patterns are usually in crochet, while I like knitting more. Second, I prefer to make things that I can wear.

But then a friend of mine, a big fan of the British band Queen (err…like myself), challenged me to make a set of amigurumis depicting the band’s members : Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon, in Radio Gaga costume!!! Now, even though I’m not a fan of amigurumi, I’m a fan of challenge. Especially as exciting as this one. So I took up her challenge, and decided that I would make the amigurumis in knitting, not crochet.

I knitted Freddie in the round, from the head to feet, with a hole at the back for stuffing. The arms knitted separately. I did a lot of experiments doing this, since it’s my first time making amigurumi. I’m not quite happy with the shaping of the chin, but the rest is fine. I knitted Brian the same way, but the shape of the chin is better.

The challenge was given in April 2010, yet to this day I have only completed 2 Queen members : it took me 5 days to knit Freddie Mercury in April, and another 5 days in August to knit Brian May.

Here they are, posing together,  waiting for Roger and John to join them! Haha..I really enjoyed making them!!!

Anyway, thanks to Harley who gave me this challenge, I love making amigurumis now..:D


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