An Indonesian at VK Live

I know it’s already 2 weeks past the event, but I’m still in a euphoric state about Vogue Knitting Live. Haha..

Well, why wouldn’t I be? It was a great event for any knitting enthusiast, held by a world-renowned knitting magazine, full of great sessions, mouth-watering yarns, and an opportunity to meet, or at least catch a glimpse on knitting and crochet celebrities. Now, if most native US knitters wish to be at this event, imagine how an Indonesian knitter (whose time in this country is limited) would feel.

Although there are quite a lot of Indonesians around New York City, I could hardly found anyone among the community who is seriously interested in knitting (as serious as I am). I knew 2 Indonesians, one in New Jersey and one in Brooklyn who like to knit, but I lost contact with them a couple of years ago.

As a part of the (online) Indonesian knit and crochet community, I felt obliged to attend this event, if only for a short while. It’s not easy to find the time, since my college-professor-husband’s teaching schedule is always full, and I couldn’t imagine bringing my 2 small kids there alone by public transportation. I was also under the impression that there were no kids under 8 allowed at the event ( my kids are 4.5 and 1 yo) . I felt so hopeless! VK Live was so near yet seemed so far!

Then miracle happened : my husband canceled all his schedule on Sunday Jan 23rd, the last day of VK Live, just so we could all go to the event. My baby daughter slept peacefully on the way there, I could bring her inside for free, and she slept again while we were there! My husband took my oldest to walk around the hotel while I was wandering around the Marketplace. I only had one hour to spare, so I was busy taking pictures of this once in a lifetime experience (at least that’s how I felt).

That was also the reason why I shamelessly asked for photo op sessions with Drew Emborsky the Crochet Dude and Cookie A, and an autograph from Ms Lily Chin even though I didn’t bring her book with me (my bag was full of snacks, diapers and wipes, no place for books..). If only I could, I would bring all my knitting and crochet books to be signed that day…:D. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my favorite designer, Ms Shirley Paden there.

with Drew Emborsky

with Cookie

Ms Chin signing an autograph for me

Anyway, I was so thrilled with the experience, because I don’t know if I will ever have the opportunity to go to another VK Live event.

Oh, and I’m so sorry that it made my fellow Indonesian knitters and crocheters jealous *grin*.


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