Indonesian Batik Inspired Knits : Launched!

I’ve been trying to apply Indonesian batik motifs to knitting since…when was it…mid 2008, I think. I remember it was ‘parang’ motifs, and I just made a couple of parang motif samples, and one clutch in another motifs (from the edging of one of my batik shawl). After those samples, I was on knitting hiatus for a while.

I started again a few months ago, with new energy (from pregnancy, I think. Everytime I was pregnant I was more productive and creative than ever! Should I pregnant every year then? *NOOOOO!*). Kawung and tumpal motifs were my focus, and I tried to apply them to beret or tam, because I love how the beret-top-shaping affect the motifs.

These are some of the results (the ones I’m happy to present here…:D)

More will come…and the patterns will be available soon!


One thought on “Indonesian Batik Inspired Knits : Launched!

  1. As-salaamu Alaikum Sis–mashAllah, this is just beautiful work! I’m a crocheter, but you make me want to learn how to knit with your Indonesian-inspired designs! Love the batik and the kebayas–please keep us updated and posted when you take the world by storm with your designs inshAllah…

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