Indonesian style knits

I’ve been obsessed with creating Indonesian style knits for quite some time, because Indonesia is rich with distinctive tradition and I thought “Why don’t I apply those to knitting?”. My first try was in 2008, I knitted a ‘kebaya’, a traditional clothing of Indonesian women. It was a successful attempt.

It was knitted in 100% rayon DK yarn with no 6 needles. I made the kebaya in 2 months, and very happy with the result. I entered it for Lion Brand Challenge at , and soon it was featured, favorited, and became one of the challenge’s winners.

I made another kebaya a year later, for my sister. But it was a non-traditional style kebaya, because traditional kebaya usually has long sleeves, while my sister asked for a short-sleeved kebaya. After 5 excruciating months (mostly because I used lace weight bamboo yarn and no 1 needles…Gosh!!), it finally came to life.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a proper camera to take its picture and soon it had to be sent to Indonesia. The photos were taken by webcam, on a very unflattering figure of a pregnant woman (me, that is!).

My next project was trying to apply Indonesian traditional motifs, especially Indonesian batik motifs, to knitting. And that, deserves another blogpost :D .


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