The reason I fell in love with knitting

Once upon a time, when I was in junior high, I came upon this book. Either at my grandparents’ house or a library, I’m not sure. It was a fairly thick large print hardcover book, old and dusty. In it, I saw this gorgeous cream-white wedding coat with lace pattern (of course, I didn’t know anything about lace or not lace pattern then). I admit, I’m a romantic, so this particular pattern caught my eyes.

In Indonesia, knitting was not a popular activity then (and have yet to become one). At that time there were no knitting course (at least not that I knew of), nowhere to find knitting needles. I tried using satay skewers and some acrylic yarn (they said it was wool!), but to no avail, obviously. Because the book was written in English, not my native language, full of ‘codes’ (what are k, p, yo, etc?). How was I suppose to learn?

I gave up trying to knit, or maybe I was only giving up understanding the book, until my English is better. I’ve never giving up on the dream that someday I’ll be able to knit something as gorgeous as that wedding coat.

Then when I moved to the US, I finally took up knitting. I was so happy to find knitting supplies at a local WalMart (I was living in Connecticut then), I bought a knitting kit, some yarns (variegated Red Heart, I remember) and start learning knitting from the beginner book and internet. The knit stitch was easy, the purl, not so much. Making new row, took me a while. But finally I started knitting. And I loved it. Love it.

And you, wedding coat, were the reason.

p.s : the book was “The Golden Hands Complete Book of Knitting and Crochet”, 1973.


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