My first book

As I said in my About page, I co-wrote a knitting book in Indonesian. The title was “Merajut Yuk!” (translated : Let’s Knit!), published in January 2008. It’s a beginner book, an introduction to knitting. There are quite a few books about knitting in Indonesia, and I heard our book was on the publisher’s best-seller (craft) book list. It went into second printing on September 2008.

Writing a book is fun, especially when it’s about knitting.

But knitting is surely far more fun.

Some people have been asking about second book. I have plans for it, of course, but not in the near future. I can hardly find the time to knit these days, with a toddler to raise.  However, since I’m not interested in knitting anything other than adult woman clothings and some accessories (please, no baby clothes or cute dishclothes), I can assure you that any second book I’ll be writing, will take a long long time to be published.


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