Errata for Nuvo the Gray Tabby



On row 62 and 78 the instruction to shape the hip and shoulder are the same.

“K50, w&t, p34, w&t, k36, w&t, p38, w&t, k40, w&t, p42, w&t, k44, w&t, p46, w&t, k48, w&t, p50, w&t, k52, w&t, p54, w&t, k56, w&t, p58, w&t, k60, w&t, k across.”


There should be a ‘p62, w&t’ before ‘k across’.

That makes it

“K50, w&t, p34, w&t, k36, w&t, p38, w&t, k40, w&t, p42, w&t, k44, w&t, p46, w&t, k48, w&t, p50, w&t, k52, w&t, p54, w&t, k56, w&t, p58, w&t, k60, w&t, p62, w&t, k across.”


Thank you mamaloo for the report.

Errata for Telon & Mio Scarves


Errata for Telon & Mio Scarves

The instruction for the legs in flat knitting is missing ‘cast on’ number. It should be exactly the same as the instruction for starting the tail :

“Cast on 15 sts. Although the first and the last stitches will be used for seaming, they are included in the stitch count.”

Thank you MaryAnn for catching that one ^_^

At the start of working the shoulder-neck-head, the instruction inside parenthesis should include the letter ‘k’ (knit) instead of sts.

On row[round] 1 : K2[K1], (k2tog, 4 sts) 3 times, k2tog, k9, (ssk, 4 sts) 3 times, ssk, k2[k1]. 45[43] sts.

It should be K2[K1], (k2tog, k4) 3 times, k2tog, k9, (ssk, k4) 3 times, ssk, k1. 45[43] sts

On row[round] 5 : K2[K1], (k2tog, 3 sts) 3 times, k2tog, k7, (ssk, 3 sts) 3 times, ssk, k2[k1]. 37[35] sts

It should be K2[K1], (k2tog, k3) 3 times, k2tog, k7, (ssk, k3) 3 times, ssk, k2[k1]. 37[35] sts

Thank you theladyknight!

ETA Aug 2015: diagram for finishing the snout


Errata for Lhouette the Stretching Kitten


Errata for Lhouette the Stretching Kitten


The instruction for the back leg was missing row 8 – 14, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to do there. Just continue with row 15.


Thank you dear Utlinde, for the report.

Errata for Belang the Neck Pillow Cat


Errata for Belang the Neck Pillow Cat

Row 13 was written

K28, m1, [k7, m1] 7 times. 64 sts.

It should be K28, m1, [k4, m1] 7 times. 64 sts.

Row 17 was written

K28, m1, [k8, m1] 7 times. 72 sts.

It should be K28, m1, [k5, m1] 3 times, k6, m1, [k5, m1] 3 times. 72 sts.

Thank you, Barbara, for pointing me the mistake.

Errata for Jingga the Orange Tabby Cat


Errata :

Row 83 was written :

K58, w&t, p30, w&t, [(k8, k2tog, k10, ssk, k9), w&t, p30] 5 times,
w&t, k across. 76 sts.

It should be :

K58, w&t, p30, w&t, [(k8, k2tog, k10, ssk, k9), w&t, p30, w&t] 5 times, k across. 76 sts.


Thank you, Judith, for pointing me the mistake.


A few people asked for a clearer instruction for row 74 and other similar short row instruction (“continue short row in this manner”). In general it means “continue to do short rows that get one stitch longer until you get to the correct stitch count”.

For row 74 :

After “(k23, m1, k8, m1, k24), w&t,” you will have 57sts on your needle, so continue with: p58, w&t, k59, w&t, p60, w&t, k61, w&t, p62, w&t, k63, w&t, p64, w&t, k65, w&t, p66, w&t, k67, w&t, p68, w&t, k69, w&t, p70, w&t, k71, w&t, p72, w&t, k73, w&t, p74, w&t, k75, w&t, p76, w&t, k77, w&t, p78, w&t, k79, w&t, p80, w&t, k81, w&t, p82, w&t, then k across.

“With no shaping” in the pattern means no increasing (no “m1”s).


Our Own Knit&Crochet Festival

It’s that time of the year again, when we at the Mari Merajut (Let’s Knit) community are preparing the Indonesia’s Knit & Crochet Festival (the 3rd this year).

Since 2009 we hosted the only festival in Indonesia that is dedicated for knitters and crocheters. It’s the brainchild of some of the members and first brought to life led by a member who runs an event organizing business. The first festival took place at Museum of Bank Mandiri in Central Jakarta, and the second one were held in sync with an event called NEXT in Ciputra Mall, West Jakarta.

There were always a marketplace (of course!), knitting and crocheting workshops, talkshows and booksignings. Last year, the second festival even had a fashion show and record breaking activity. What? Yes, we made a giant blanket made from more than 14,000 crocheted granny squares, with 32 meters of knitted garter stitch scarf as the edging. Around 150 participants from all over the country (and Indonesians abroad, too!) contributed to this project. The blanket was certified by the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI).

The squares were arranged following a traditional batik motif pattern module (designed by yours truly), and then joined on the site of the festival. I couldn’t come to the event, so I could only imagine the excitement (and the exhaustion) of bringing the blanket to life from mere squares. Hail to the committee and the volunteers!!

You can see the process below :

the squares

The 'building blocks'.. the squares (from Yanti in the Netherlands)

One module of 'batik kawung' motif (by Dian from Bekasi, West Java)

squares details (by Thata, Surabaya, East Java)

One edging module (by Dian, Bekasi, West Java)

Assembling on site (the girl wearing headscarf sitting on the floor is Ayun, the blanket project manager)

..and that's Aji, one of our crochet men, joining squares...

And the result :

The giant blanket, the night before the certifying ceremony

At the ceremony. It's huge! And beautiful, don't you think?

The blanket was then donated to the Textile Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta. Here it is in display :

Our creation as Textile Museum collection.

Looking at these pictures sure bring lots of memories :). Oh, I forgot to include the fashion show pictures! Here are some of them :


We’ll just have to wait and see what this year’s festival will bring *wink*.


If there is such thing as a knitting superhero, what would the superpowers be? First of all, I would make the superhero a female…sorry boys, just tired with male superheroes.

Now the superpowers…

Lightning fast knitting power? Of course, who wouldn’t want that! And then catch a villain with knitted rope? She would be careful not to use wool, though. She’d use plarn.

That’s good, but kind of boring, don’t you think? Superhero catching a villain, I mean.

With that superfast knitting power (say, 5 scarves and 4 hats per minute), she would cover Warm Up America project in a day. She would let all knitters knit something for themselves without feeling guilty of not doing any charity project.

Another superpower : she can make yarn from any material, so she would never run out of yarn. (I bet every knitter want this superpower! Me too!!!) I imagine she has her own line of yarn, which make any yarn company envious.

Wait, I think there’s also an important superpower : the ability to brainwash all people so they all know that knitting and crocheting are different!!! :))

Her uniform is : black ribbed balaclava, black tunic sweater, black leggings, and black boots. Of course she make her own superhero uniform.
Even though her ‘uniform’ is all black, it changes once in a while, depends on the season, occasion, and mood. In the winter, it’s wool. In the summer it’s cotton. Sometimes the tunic is in plain 2×2 rib pattern, sometimes there are cables here and there, sometimes it’s in seed stitch.

For special occassions (e.g the launching of Edible Yarn by Superknits), the tunic has lace edgings, and she would be wearing lace cape and Fair Isle legwarmers.

What do you think?